Rahmat Waisi

Rahmat Waisi

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About me

Laravel Nuxt.js Tailwind CSS

I'm Rahmat Waisi, B.SE. from UOK university located in Iran->Kurdistan.

I was Java and Android developer, but went to damn military service ...

I started learning laravel three years ago and my learning will never stop again. Nowadays i'm learning nuxtjs and lovely tailwindcss.

🛠 My latest projects are:

Here's my github stats

Mr648's GitHub Stats

I'm in with folowing programming languages, frameworks, tools, build tools and package managers

Laravel VUE JS NuxtJS PHP JavaScript jQuery

Spring SpringBoot Java Android

Tailwind CSS Bootstrap


Gradle Maven Composer Yarn


List of my favorite IDE's

PhpStorm AndroidStudio NetBeans Atom VS-Code Notepad++

I'm also familiar with UI/UX and have skill in following design tools

Adobe Photoshop Adobe XD

Here is my last open-source project

PoL repository Zarinpal repository